Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

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We all fell in love with Poppy Playtime and, as is reported, its creators are about to release the next chapter in early 2022. Poppy Playtime is a horror game with adventure and horror components. Those who like thrilling sensation appreciated this game. Your task is trying to survive and escape antagonist Huggy Wuggy. Back then, Huggy Wuggy was the bestseller of Playtime Co., a toy factory. This toy could – you already guessed it – hug you! But now it only hugs to death! The game creates an outstanding atmosphere of desolation thanks to well-done graphics, a nice plotline and thrilling music, which all make up the immersive effect. If you played Poppy Playtime, we bet you are missing it badly and wish for continuation. Soon you’ll get it! The teaser of Chapter 2 gives us very little information. There are only several shots from the original chapter and a scene with an opening door when the doll Poppy says “Mommy doesn’t like guests”. However, we’ve got some theories about what is waiting for us in the new chapter. First, the most popular guess is that Kissy Missy will be the antagonist. It is a female version of Huggy Wuggy, she’s also fluffy and has an elongated body, but her fur is pink and she has a bow. While Huggy Wuggy could hug you to death, Kissy Missy will kiss you to the same outcome! Poppy is likely a daughter of Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy, and she meant the latter when she said ‘mother’ in the teaser. We may assume that Poppy will guide and help the player because of her obvious friendliness. Also, there are chances that Huggy Wuggy will make a comeback. As in the first chapter, you will be equipped with GrabPack, a device, which will help you survive in this bone-chilling nightmare. Using it, you can pull mechanical arms out to grab some helpful items, put them into the player’s inventory and close circuits. Whether the developers add new utilities is still unknown, but don’t get upset! A little more time, and you’ll know it all firsthand!

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