Poppy Playtime Scary Doll

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What do you know about danger? If you have not played Poppy Playtime, you know really nothing. It is a story that started long ago in the toy factory. And the event was really strange – all people disappeared from its territory one day. This mystery was beyond the power of anyone, and the factory has remained abandoned since then. But people said that the place was very dangerous. The former worker decides to dispel the rumors and heads straight to an empty building. But here, the worst scenario begins. To his shock, he discovers that the place is inhabited by monsters, and they turn out to be plush toys. They all are very angry about the uninvited guest and are going to kill him. You will play for this hero. So you are not going to give up your idea so easily, even if you now have to focus on your survival. Some of the toys will make friends with you, but others will remain extremely hostile and start hunting you. The most dangerous opponent is Huggy Wuggy, a blue plush creature of an impressive size. He pretends that he just wants to hug you, but these squeezes can be lethal. The monster attacks the main character, emerging from the darkness of the ventilation shafts. Although Huggy’s great smile is dotted with sharp teeth, the scary doll wants to kill you. He is very inventive and mobile and will appear in the most unexpected places without a warning. So you need to complete all tasks without fail to escape a face-to-face meeting.

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