Poppy Playtime Roblox

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If you played Poppy Playtime and loved this thrilling story about the old mysterious factory and crazy toys living there, you can now recreate this scenario in the Roblox universe with ease. If you know nothing about this plot, we will tell you the main details. Events start at the territory of the factory which used to produce plush toys. The corporation was prosperous until a terrible thing happened one day – all people disappeared forever and were never seen again. One young man who worked there before decides to study everything inside. He does not believe his colleagues could simply vanish without leaving some hints. And he is adamant to find this evidence. But his plans were roughly interrupted. Can you guess by whom? But the toy! Yes, you got it right. It may sound shocking, but lovely plush toys came to life and turn into bloodthirsty monsters. The hero understands immediately his life is in danger. And without your help, he will be killed with no hesitation by these cruel enemies. You need to help the guy solve multiple puzzles to remain alive and still find the clue to the mysterious events of the past. Be especially careful with Huggy Wuggy, a giant blue creature who dreams to catch you squeeze you to death. On the Roblox playground, you can develop exactly the same story and play a deadly hide-and-seek game together with your friends. Develop scary toy characters and invent thrilling stories in the dark environment. Follow your creativity and launch a new horror project on Roblox. Alternatively, you may join already existing game to play against terrifying toy creatures. But note you must be smart enough to escape all dangers.

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