Huggy Wuggy

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If someone asks you to describe the most terrible toy, which one would you choose? Many people will immediately skeptically remark that toys cannot be scary. If you are one of them – welcome to Poppy Playtime. You definitely need to meet its main antagonist. Do not mistakenly think it will be an innocent adventure with some funny characters. A true nightmare awaits you in this story. Events unfold in the old toy factory that stopped working years ago. Something mysterious happened there, and all people disappeared as though they never existed. And what is more frightening – funny toys turned into malicious monsters that have no mercy to anyone on their way. The most dangerous in this gang is Huggy Wuggy. It is a plush giant, bright blue and shaggy. And although his mouth is curved in a smile, it is not kind at all. This hostile grin displays several rows of sharp teeth that are ready to attack you as soon as the monster catches you. Huggy Wuggy will be your main opponent in the game. He will use every chance to prevent you from reaching your goal. And you still need to find out what happened to poor employees years ago. Will you be able to do it with such an enemy following you every minute? Try to keep at a safe distance from this treacherous creature as you will have no chances to survive once he squeezes you tight. But if you learn to ignore all these scary screamers from the darkness, you can finally trick around your opponent and find out the terrible truth. Take care, you are not alone in the old building!

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