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Sometimes horrors happen in the places where they are least expected. And this game is inspired exactly by such a story. You will learn about a toy factory. Today, only a sign tells about what the building used to be – it is completely abandoned. However, many years ago it was a busy place full of workers who produced lovely plush toys. And one day, a really unbelievable thing happened – all people disappeared. They simply vanished into the thin air as though they never existed. Unfortunately, nobody returned or was ever found. This event keeps torturing one former worker and he decides to refresh the investigation. Without hesitation, he enters the old premises, having not the slightest idea what trials he will have to pass. As you understand, you will be playing for this character.

Who is Huggy Wuggy?

Of course, the main hero did not expect to meet anybody inside the building that seemed to be unvisited for years. But he was very wrong. As soon as the day came to an end, the hero realized that something strange was happening around. Who makes these strange sounds, rustles and stomps from different ends? To his greatest horror, the main character sees dozens of eyes following him from the darkness. And a terrible guess comes to his mind. These are dolls and they are all alive! And what is really frightening is that they are not friendly at all. Moreover, they are ready to attack you any minute. You will find approach to some toys and persuade them to help you. But you need to stay aside from the main monster who will not be tamed. Actually, he is really dangerous, despite his smiling face. It is Huggy Wuggy, a huge plush toy that transformed into an ill-natured beast that only dreams to hug you tight to death. This enemy is of a bright blue color so you will see him well from a distance. Do not be tricked by his grin, if you study it closer, you will immediately see how evil it is. You will not be able to kill this opponent, unfortunately, but you can trick him around if you solve all the puzzles correctly.

How to survive in this nightmare?

Do not forget that you entered the old factory not for fun. You need to find some evidence and discover who or what killed people here. So now your task has become really complicated with so many enemies waiting to catch you. Luckily, you will have a device that will help you explore things around – it is a backpack with two interactive hands that will help you reach and rotate distant objects. It can also conduct electricity which will also come in handy in the darkness. To move forward, you will have to complete a lot of difficult tasks and pass some thrilling quests. The main thing is not to allow insane toys to take advantage of you. They will be trying all methods to scare you and force to give up. But you are stronger than the bunch of plush toys, aren’t you? Accept this challenge and unveil the secret that the beasts guard so desperately.

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