Poppy Playtime

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Poppy Playtime is a horror game with the elements of adventure and horror. The setting is an abandoned toy factory. Some time ago its employees created toys, which made kids all over the world happy. But today this place is a far cry from the source of joy and delight. Darkness and desolation reign here. For some reason you got right here and have to make every effort to survive. You’re wandering about empty workshops and the feeling of uneasiness starts creeping into your heart. Something is wrong here. It is not just the fear of a long-abandoned place. Soon you realize the horror of the situation. Once the cutest and kindest toy turned into a blood-thirsting monster trying to kill you! His name is Huggy Wuggy and he’ll literally hug till death. When the factory was prospering, Huggy Wuggy was bestseller toy #1 every kid dreamed to have. Playtime Co. engineers did some experimentation to make their toys even more advanced, but the result was dreadful. Now Huggy became a murder-machine slaughtering everyone he comes across. You play in a first-person perspective and see colored toy hands of yours. Actually, this device is called GrabPack. Back then, factory employees used GrabPacks to lift and move heavy objects. You can pull its arms out and interact with different items. You can grab objects, push buttons and hack electric circuits. Be careful in hallways and near vents, these are Huggy’s favorite spots to attack you. And if you can believe that toy cannot be scary, think twice. Poppy Playtime is not your regular horror. It is made so well that you’ll experience the presence effect to the full. The scariest thing is the behavior of the main villain. He is not that simple. Huggy Wuggy doesn’t attack you automatically, every time he’s waiting for the best moment, as if he hunts for sport. His eyes are glowing, teeth are naked… but he stands still. What can be creepier than the expectation of your unavoidable death? Huggy Wuggy will play a game of cat and mouse with you and that will be the most horrific part! Plus, chasing music and well-done graphics will add more terrific fun for you. Poppy Playtime is a very addictive game. As soon as you start playing it, you will plunge into the world of forsaken facility unable to escape the intimidating charm of the blue monster. No more words! Just click Play and find out why everyone is so crazy about this horror game.

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