FNF vs Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime

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FNF stands for Friday Night Funkin, and here you are going to have a hip-hop party of a lifetime! FNF has a lot of mods with various characters from over games and cartoons. And this time your opponent is no other than Huggy Wuggy! Huggy Wuggy is a monstrous toy from the horror adventure game Poppy Playtime. Huggy Wuggy was made at a toy factory but something went wrong here, the factory became abandoned and its toys revived for some reason. You did play this game and we are sure you would be happy to pay that fluffy sharp-toothed doll back for all the jumpscares he gave you. But remember that he is as good at scaring as at rapping! So, the rap battle is almost on. Don’t stand still, grab the mic and get it started! You play for a boy simply named Boyfriend at the right of the screen. Only four keys are used to play the game. Use Arrows on your keyboard or WASD keys. Colored arrow marks are going up the screen and when they are about to reach the arrows in the top right you need to press the corresponding arrow on your keyboard, that is Left, Right, Up or Down. As you press the key, your character speaks a word. This way fast presses on the keys bright a cool rap song. You won’t notice how you’ll be bobbing your head in time with the song. It might seem easy as pie but to keep pace you need to have a really swift reaction and dexterous fingers. It’s recommended to master the control in easy mode and only after that switch to the hard level of difficulty. Keep in mind that difficulty will raise with every stage. By the way, you can choose between two modes. In Story mode, you learn the story dedicated to Huggy Wuggy and all the reasons why he appeared here, and in Free play, you just do your rapping without storytelling details. But if you still have doubts, there’s a tutorial for you. The Boyfriend’s destiny is in your hands, only you can help him capture his girlfriend’s affection and persuade her dad that he is a worthy candidate for his daughter. The game is so exciting that you would hardly stop until you complete it. But wait! Why is Huggy Wuggy looking so strangely at your girlfriend? This blue monster has only one thing on his mind. You’d better hurry up and protect her. Waste no more time and start the epic rap battle!

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