Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

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Welcome to an eerie puzzle game in which you will go straight to an abandoned toy factory and explore it to understand why it does not function any more. Once upon a time, the Playtime corporation was a famous toy manufacturer. But one day, a mysterious thing happened – every living being disappeared, and no one still knows what happened. But now the former worker decided to shed light on this story and find out the truth. And for this, he needs to return to the abandoned building. You will need to explore the place up and down, open all the doors, find out what is hidden in every room. You will need to attentively explore even the corridors and basement. In most cases, in order to enter certain rooms, it will be necessary to look for a way to open them, which, in fact, is the main difficulty. To open every door in the game, you will have to solve puzzles and riddles, collect various objects, and much more. But the main difficulty is the opponents you will meet on your way. The factory is not empty at all as you may have thought. It is inhabited by evil monsters. And can you guess who are they? These are plush toys! Unfortunately, lovely toys turned into cruel beasts that are ready for everything to reach and kill you. Some of them will finally become your friends. But others will become more adamant to get rid of you. And your main enemy if Huggy Wuggy. This blue giant also used to be a nice toy, but now his intentions are really dangerous. He constantly wears a wide smile on his face. But have a closer look at him – it is an evil grin that he used to lure you in his hugs. But the plan is to squeeze you to death. So learn to maneuver in the old factory’s labyrinth and avoid approaching terrible Huggy Wuggy too close. Use special tools like Grabpack to explore different things at distance. This magic bag will also conduct electricity which will help you not once in the darkness. Use all your logic to move inside the old premises and trick as many toys as you can. It is the only way to the secret that these little creatures guard so fiercely. Find out what happened here years ago and who is to blame for the disappearance of innocent people.

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