Poppy Playtime Online

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Do you love to tickle your nerves in online horrors? Then welcome to Poppy Playtime. In this addictive puzzle game, you will try to find out the real reason why all the factory employees once disappeared into thin air. This story happened years ago, and nobody could find a trace that would explain everything. However, one worker cannot stop thinking about that mysterious event. And one day, he firmly decides to put an end to all ominous rumors around a half-ruined factory building. He is ready to explore that abandoned premises. And you have already guessed you will play for this guy and look for clues that might lead you to the answers you are curious about. So the plan goes very well until something malicious happens. With the onset of night, you will discover you are not alone inside the place. Who is there? Unexpectedly, it is a bunch of lively but terrifying-looking toys that are watching you from every corner. This was what the hero least expected. Now, a simple task turns into a true survival challenge. The problem is that your enemies immediately start hunting you. The place immediately gets filled with horror and thrill. Danger awaits you on every step. So you need to invent your defense strategy on the go. To remain alive, you will have to go through all sorts of trials and solve a lot of tricky puzzles. Are you sure your reaction will not let you down and you will not end up in the paws of a bloodthirsty monster? Act as carefully as you can, you all devices that may become effective in the fight with these scary creatures, and find out why they are so against your sudden intrusion. They are definitely hiding something important, and only you can reveal this secret.

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