Friday Night Funkin Poppy Playtime

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Do you love to spend time with the main heroes from the famous musical FNF game? Then you know very well that Boyfriend and Girlfriend have to come through many obstacles to be together. And every time, they meet a new opponent that they need to defeat in a music battle. If you have not played Friday Night Funkin before, here are some important details to know. Boyfriend is in love with a pretty girl. But her father, Daddy Dearest, is against this relationship and is doing everything to make then break apart. He is a former musician and invents a really thrilling trial for the poor guy. Boyfriend needs to participate in rap battles against numerous opponents. And he never knows who will appear in the music arena the next time. Sometimes, he must perform against really dangerous antagonists. But he cannot choose if he wants to stay with Girlfriend. The father is more and more inventive and this time, he decides to send a real monster to finally defeat the boy. Can you guess who it is going to be? It is Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime. If you played that horror game, you will immediately recollect a giant plush toy in blue color. If originally you may think he is kind and friendly, very soon, you will realize how deeply you were mistaken. This creature used to be positive ages ago, but then, something terrible happened in the factory, and he turned into a bloodthirsty monster. Now he is waiting for Boyfriend to play a hide-and-seek game where the life of the hero is at stake. But you have already helped the guy so many times, so you will not leave him alone this time too, right? All you need to do is to move precisely to the rhythm of the song. No mistakes are allowed, otherwise, your progress bar will turn red and the opponent will immediately reach you. To keep him aside, you need to repeat every beat of music. Press the arrows, floating above the Boyfriend’s head, matching the music. Do not leave this ugly creature a single chance to take advantage of you. Remember, no one could escape his deadly hugs! Good luck in this thrilling adventure!

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