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Poppy Playtime is a cool horror game for players who have a thing for thrilling things. The setting is a toy factory, which employees left the facility and never returned. For some incredible reason, the toys made here became living things seeking human victims. They want nothing but to kill. Meet its antagonist – Huggy Wuggy. He could hug his owner! But now he hugs to kill! This fluffy dark blue creature has a few rows of the sharpest teeth nesting in the mouth, which never closes. And this lunatic smile is another feature, which will give you shivers. The protagonist of Poppy Playtime is an ex-employee of Playtime Co., and yes, you play for him. Poppy is a secondary character. It is an attractive doll in a blue dress with red ponytails and red lipstick. This doll is a smart toy, she can talk to kids. The good news is that she is not trying to make away with you. Be careful, if you didn’t play the game yet, there can be spoilers next. Poppy makes an appearance in the documentary tapes and at the end of the game when you found and release her from her case. Cat-Bee is a minor character and a helper whom you could create using the Make-A-Friend machine. It’s a cat with bee stripes and antennae and it poses no threat. Another cat is Candy Cat, which can be seen in posters. It’s a blue cat with a white snout and paws and an incredibly long tongue used to chew candies. It’s a great candidate to be included in chapter 2. Just imagine a big tomcat chasing you around and trying to grab you with its tongue! Perfect! However, the most popular theory is that the antagonist of the sequel will be Kissy Missy whom we don’t see in the original part. This character is a female version of Huggy Wuggy. She’s also lengthy and weird looking but her fur is pink and she has a bow under her neck. We bet you know her super ability – she can kiss the player to death

The game is indeed fascinating with all its characters, and it is definitely worth exploring its creepy world! For all who already enjoyed the horror of chapter 1, the intimidating sequel is on its way. The release date is planned for February 2022.

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